Whispers of Golfing Talent – Five youth players from LM Golf School are cordially invited to 2024 Canada’s ORORO Women’s PGA Championship

May 8, 2024 | news

Recently, LM Golf School was awarded the invitation that turned our attention to the 2024 ORORO Women’s PGA Championship of the PGA of Canada that will be held at TPC Toronto Osprey Valley from July 2nd to 5th.

Five youth players from the LM Golf School, founded and run in Canada by Brazilian Master Professional Golfer Luiz Martins, have been invited to compete with the best professionals in the country in an event that confers the highest honor in national women’s professional golf.

We are amazed and honored by the professionals who reach the highest level of their art in various areas within the golf course. We talk about the gifts or talents they possess. This includes those who have a knack for hitting long drives, accurate approaches to the flag, bunker clearances to holster them, putters from any distance, shots with effects, and more. Each of these professionals demonstrates their gifts, but above all their professionalism and incomparable human quality are unmatched. All this is refined and improved by a lifetime of work, study, and practice, polished by the entity that brings them together. The PGA of Canada represents them, with its educational focus, turning their talent into real professionals. The PGA of Canada does an incredible job in the country with professional, amateur and youth golfers, always in harmony with the country’s Golf Federation.

LM Golf School received the first invite in 2022 for young amateur Amy Wang. The following year, the invitation was repeated, Amy, who played in these events, returned amazed by the experience. In addition to the experience she gained contact with the PGA of Canada women pros and the welcome and affection of the entity.

Amy understood that being a professional is not just a desire, but a life of dedication is necessary. Last year, Amy finished Top 30th. Her presentation was so remarkable that it resulted in a new invitation, now extended to four other athletes from the school: Isabella Ma, Christina Wu, Chloe Fong, and Victoria Flavius, who for the first time will participate in a tournament with Canada’s elite women’s professional golf. Together they will demonstrate grit, dedication, talent, and their golfing skills in this great challenge.

The girls have been together for almost five years and train daily under the guidance of Coach Luiz, alternating between the driving-range at the Markham Golf Dome with games on the golf course including, Rolling Hills Golf Club, and St. Andrew’s Valley during the week. Even in winter when snow makes it impossible to play on the course, training takes place indoors at the Markham Golf Dome.

Victoria, Christina, and Chloe want to reach professionalism. They all know the difficulties and the long road it takes to get there.

“They also know that to win they need to lose. That in a golf tournament, playing poorly and losing does not mean they have failed. In the same way, if they play and win, they know that they have not yet achieved success”, comments Coach Luiz.

“Looking through the lens of the professional I see it essential to make the opportunity available to my students to play with the professionals. Not only do they learn how to play quality golf, but they also will become excellent citizens. I don’t expect them to win, but I do hope that they do their best during the tournament and return home satisfied and happy with this immeasurable exchange of experience with female professionals”, says Coach Luiz, reiterating that his philosophy is about preparing athletes for great challenges.

Harry Feng
Press Coordinator