Key Information for Aspiring Golf Players!

We do inspire students to play Collegiate Golf in the U.S.

U.S. Collegiate Golf

NCAA Div I, Div II, Div III & NAIA Programs. Most high-level Juniors are very interested in US Collegiate Golf Programs. Many U.S. College Golf Programs present tremendous opportunities also for international students.

Purpose of NCAA Golf Programs

NCAA golfers are “Student-Athletes”. Academics come first, athletics a distant second. Junior Golfers must maintain high level performance in academics and golf throughout high school if they desire to play collegiate golf Scholarships.
Athletic “scholarships” are essentially financial assistance “grants”. Student athletes with high academic standing are encouraged to apply for any academic scholarships.

We work for a “full ride” (100% scholarship)

Most top ranked junior golfers from Canada can anticipate a scholarship offer of approximately 50%. Therefore, they will need to pay approx. $7,500 to $15,000 per year in addition to the “scholarship” that they have been awarded.
For international students can reach 100% if it is well applied and requested by the coach. We will make the application for all students.
Just think of US Collegiate Golf as a potential job.
There is pressure to perform on all of those involved. Coaches will give players with the following credentials and background strong consideration for the “Job”. Outstanding competitive golfers who have compiled a resume demonstrating that can qualify for and perform in top events at a scratch handicap or better. Results – College Coaches look primarily at all. We will let all prepared to delivery to Coach’s.
Sounds fundamentals and swing technique, pro-power and ball flight, advanced mental skills and emotional control, effective practice habits, razor sharp short games, competent students who have the academic background, and study habits.
Pleasant people with good attitudes and good interpersonal skills. Player who have positive family support and mature Individuals who are capable of successfully making the transition from junior golf and high school, to life, responsibilities, and challenges presented to a collegiate athlete.

Academic Considerations

Academic Education is the #1 factor in upward mobility in North American Society.
Quality of education is directly linked to future potential income and quality of life. Selecting a University is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.
NCAA golfers have very busy and hectic schedules. Athletes need to exercise time management skills in order to succeed on and off the course. NCAA golfers typically attend classes in the mornings, and practice and train in the afternoons.
Admission Requirements combination of GPA and SAT scores. SAT Test is a prerequisite to registering for US Universities.
Students encouraged to write in Grade 11 and you can re-write if needed, best result counts. All athletes must register with NCAA Clearinghouse.
We are available to create for all students the Amateur Status Golf Resume.