Luiz Martins first started playing golf when he was 11 years old, playing at Porto Alegre Country Club. Luiz work at PACC as a caddy in the early 1973’s but he never took the game too seriously until 12 years later while earning an B.S. degree in Physical Education at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Luiz played soccer at Internacional Sport Clube and Cruzeiro Sport Clube as a professional from 1981 until 1985 when he decided to switch careers and ball size. He attended the Professional Golfers Program at PGA of Brazil, where he earned a specialized golf tour player in 1989.

Before joining the golf tours at South American, Europe and Asia Luiz worked for Gramado Golf Club at Gramado city where he coached juniors and adults the game of golf in 1990.

Luiz’s passion is coaching golf. His philosophy is that no matter what level of golfer, “having fun” should be the #1 priority while learning and playing. “Luiz view each golfer as a unique individual and then create the swing that is best for him or her base on each golfer individual goals and abilities.” Regardless of whether you are a rank beginner, aspiring amateur or professional Luiz will help you reach your full potential.

Luiz developed ¨elite¨ program and golf fitness for advanced junior players. This program was intended for junior players willing to pursue a career in golf. Coached, advised and placed students in NCAA and NAIA universities with golf scholarships. Luiz, has over 20 years of experience as a tour player. Through his past experience Luiz offer top quality instruction to golfer of all ages and abilities.

Trained over 1000 professionals to teach golf and conducted over 20,000 hours of golf lessons and instructional advisor to several organizations. Over his 45-year golf career, Luiz has taken a diverse path and earned a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the golf industry of Brazil and South America.


Other highlights include:

  • PGA of Canada Member since 2018.
  • Consultant and International Representative of Rio Olympic Golf Course since 2018.
  • PGA Sudamericana Founder and Member since 2018.
  • Named Director of Instruction for PGA Sudamericana since 2018
  • European Senior Qualifying – 2nd place first stage 2012.
  • Named Top 60th Teacher of the World (WGTF 2006).
  • Trained and certified over 1000 golf professionals.
  • Named 5-Time Brazil PGA Professional of the Year – 1998/99/00/01/02.
  • Creator and founder of LM Golf School in 2000.
  • Placed over 500 students in universities with golf scholarships.
  • Golf Professionals Manual Writer 1998.
  • Introduce in the PGA of Brazil School of Teachers and Professional’s in 1997.
  • National record braking golf courses – Gramado Golf Club 31-29 = 60 (Par 70 1990)
  • Ponta Grossa Golf Club 29-31= 60 (Par 72 1992)
  • Guarapiranga Golf & Country Club 32- • 28 = 60 (Par 70 1994)
  • Graciosa Country Club 30-32 = 62 (Par 71 1999)
  • Paradise Village Golf & Lake 32-31 = 63 (Par 72 2000)
  • Winner of the South America Tour Long-Drive, 1995/96/97.
  • PGA Brazil Member since 1988.

Important people who are part of Luiz’s career.


Edson Martins Machado (In memory)

Jose Bertaso (In memory) and family

Federico German

Armando Flores (In memory)

Wilmar Charao

Dr. Roberto Sfoggia

Manoel Dias

Daniel Dias

Gilberto dos Santos

Pedro Marino Rodrigues (In memory)

Roberto Davis

Jose Ferreira de Lima (In memory)

Osvaldo Saito

Antonio Nascimento

Acacio Jorge Pedro

José Maria Gonzales (In memory)

Luís Boaventura

Yoshiake Okita (In memory)

Hiroshi Tsuruda