LM Golf School is dedicated to finding as many people as possible for the game of golf and helping them improve their game. His philosophy is that no matter what level of golfer, “having fun” should be the #1 priority while learning and playing.
“Luiz view each golfer as a unique individual and then create the swing that is best for him or her base on each golfer individual goals and abilities.” Regardless of whether you are a rank beginner, aspiring amateur or professional Luiz will help you reach your full potential.
Luiz believes that everyone can learn the game of golf regardless of class, color, race and social level. Golf is a privilege then everyone should have the opportunity to learn. It’s no surprise that Luiz’s students to this day seek his advice on improving the swing. Luiz works great to educate players of all ages, but his passion is to help young people with a desire to improve and pursue a career in the golf industry. His students won the Golf Scholarship in the United States.
Your students get better and have fun with their unique program. Luiz has worked over 10,000 hours teaching juniors and training professionals on the proven foundations that have made Luiz one of the best golf teachers in Brazil and around the world.

Ranked #1 on the South American PGA list of Top 50th South America’s Golf Teachers.

LM Golf School uses sophisticated digital video analytics in its individual teaching sessions. I work with our students on every aspect of the swing to improve on every aspect of the game. All areas of the short game are strongly emphasized to help everyone lower their strokes on the field.
We emphasize all mental aspects and develop motor and driving skills with each player.
Luiz has a program that follows a proper manual that aims the progress of the students through the formation of each one of them.
The LM Golf School team instructs you on how to understand your swing by analyzing the flying ball. This helps them improve their understanding of what they do when playing on the field. Each student learns in practice, how to play on the golf course, and analyze areas that need corrections. Luiz teaches his students everything he used on the field as a player, thus acting and thinking like true champions.


Luiz Martin’s Awards

Luiz Martins and LM Golf School have received prestigious awards over his career.

  • PGA Brazil Teacher of the Year – 1998
  • PGA Brazil Teacher of the Year – 1999
  • PGA Brazil Teacher of the Year – 2000
  • PGA Brazil Teacher of the Year – 2001
  • PGA Brazil Teacher of the Year – 2002
  • World Golf Teachers Federation – Top 60th Teacher of the World – 2006
  • PGA do Brazil Junior Golf Coach – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.