At LMGS we put high priority on preparing our students to learn the different formats of play, thus preparing them for tournaments. There are many different tournaments that are organized for the kids & junior categories. Our students learn all the formats and are on the golf course as much as possible.

The best and most important feature is that they have the privilege of playing with Coach Luiz Martins, who with his many years as a tour player, can share his experiences of more than 20 years playing golf in different courses in many countries around the world.

The objective is to provide the young players with conditions to prepare them to reach a high level of self-confidence and improvement in the techniques and how to play in golf competitions.
The have full access to important information that will help them to face the challenges they will find when playing in tournaments.

The golf course is an extension of our educational program for young golfers.
We create our own tournaments following USGA/ROYAL guidelines. Our students learn how to play individually, in pairs and in teams and all the different golf formats. We emphasize the effort to convey to the students to work as a group, for the group.