The year-round Junior Golf School Program is run by Luiz Martins, a PGA Master Professional at Markham Golf Dome. Mr. Martins is highly experienced in teaching children and young players and together with his assistants, will prepare to guide all golfers to become better players and while developing a passion for the game. The focus at LM JUNIOR GOLF SCHOOL is to learn while having fun. Our mission is to provide the junior with the tools needed to improve and enjoy the game for the rest of their lives.


Annual Awards
1-Fundamentals 2-Learn to Golf
3-Introduction to Competition 4-Learn to Compete
5-Train to Compete 6-Compete to Win
7-Tournament Strategy 8-Specialty Shots and Skills
9-Fittness Conditioning 10-Mental Condition
11-Tournaments 12-Rules and Etiquette
Group Age 9-18
In-person outdoor and indoor Classes Month

We make golf SAFE, FUN and ENJOYABLE for the child and the parent.



To register your child to our Junior Program, please submit the form below.

Note: To be eligible for the package, you must attend the program’s classes during the calendar month.


Every golfer wants to improve, regardless of age or golf skill. Schedule LMGS will help you golfer to start improving and achieving their potential, by developing your junior’s talent. Luiz is who will provide the students with the best in entertainment, allowing the students to improve their skills and to gain new friends for life.
We guarantee that your child will come home with a new sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm towards golf, all the while gaining self-confidence.
Luiz developed Elite Program for advanced junior players. This program was intended for young players willing to pursue a career in golf. Coached, advised and placed students in NCAA and NAIA universities with golf scholarships.


Register soon for this opportunity of all lifetime. Space is limited!
Junior can claim for discount at LM Golf School Foudation.