Rylan Chan, the golf prodigy who, at only seven years old, trains daily 2/3 hours a day, dreams of being a pro.

Dec 27, 2023 | news

This 7-year-old boy has not managed to do something extraordinary yet, but he will do something that is within the reach of very few people, much less his age.

Rylan was only 6 years old when he started golf, he is passionate about golf and has already achieved what for many is a feat, and much more at such a young age: He obtained 3 1st places, 3 2nd places and several 3rd places in the CJGA – Canadian Junior Golf Association tournaments. It seems that Rylan is predestined to be a great player in this sport.

Rylan Chan is only seven years old and has already been playing golf for two years, a sport in which he is beginning to go far despite his young age.

The young golfer of Chinese parents was born in Canada where he currently resides.

Like most kids, Rylan dabbled in other sports, but none of them as much as golf.

“Rylan was introduced to golf around the age of six. At first, he has semi-private lessons with a friend just for fun.

After several months, the head coach at his golf club noticed him and encouraged his parents to think about more serious golf training.

Since then, me and my wife became more serious about him playing golf and so I started taking him golfing every day for at least one or two hours, during the winter and/or summer.

The first thing Rylan does after school is always play golf. He loves putting, and the first thing he does when he gets to the Dome is usually to the putting green, and most of the time he dedicates to putting during that hour of practice. Encouraged by his coach, Rylan joined CJGA tournaments this summer and won second place in the 9-and-under section of the CJGA Linkster National Championship, as well as a few other CJGA tournaments where he took first, second and third place. His dream is to become a professional golfer and meet golf stars like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. He often imagines himself becoming famous and has already designed a logo for himself and the golf products for him once he becomes famous in the future. Rylan received the invitation to play the Champion of Champions Junior World Championship in Northern Ireland, but he won’t be able to leave because my wife won’t be able to get off work (she is his caddy). We as parents support him unconditionally in his golf journey, but we also look at what is good and bad for him and will guide him accordingly.” His father says Lung Sum Chan

“Rylan is an extraordinary phenomenon! His dedication and concentration in training is something admirable that can be an example for many children his age. I like to see his disposition in training, his kind way of being, the education and affection how he treats people in general. Rylan is undoubtedly on the right path; with the love and support of his parents and the teachings of his instructor “Andrew” he will go far.

I would like to see him play in our tour tournaments next year. That’s going to delight all the kids his age because he will be a great appearance in the LMPJ Tour tournaments.

The father of this little genius gives a lot of credit to what his son has done: “I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the first 7-year-old child who has such a desire for golf. I think he will make history in golf, as well as “Tiger and Rory.”

Congratulations Rylan! I advise you to continue on this path, aiming for the future, to see how many more tournaments you are going to win.” Although you are still very small, if you continue like this you will win many more.

May your determination and the admirable help and patience of your parents take you where you want to go with golf.” Words from Coach Luiz Martins.

Harry Feng
Press Coordinator