1. You must understand that learning golf is a combination of technical knowledge, speaking skills, and golfing. Teaching golf requires deep knowledge to be able to analyze your performance and provide feedback that helps you. Your friend may be your best supporter. But probably he won´t be able to teach you. Don´t waste time or get frustrated, learn from someone who knows! Call a Coach today!
  2. Golf is not a game of easy solutions. If you want to be a good player you must practice what is right. Swing foundamentals, which constitutes of grip, stance, alignment and ball position, can be performed correctly by anyone – yet only good players seem to pay attention. Learn the basics with someone who know´s. Call a Coach today!
  3. It is well known many professional golfers that it is not the quality of good strokes but the amount of bad strokes that determine whether a player succeeds. With excellent and proper instruction, bogey players can reduce the chances of hitting their balls in the worst possible places! Call a Coach today!
  4. We are anatomically and psychologically different from each other. In golf, what suits you may not suit me because there is no swing that suits all people; but each person can learn the right to make their best swing. Call a Coach today!
  5. It take more patience to be a student than to be a teacher. Learning can be frustrating at first, but only the Coach is prepared to reduce your frustration so that learning can continue. He/She knows what they faced when they started, and how they left when they were learning. Call a Coach today!
  6. Low scores are the result of good strokes. Good strokes are the result of correct swing. Correct swings are the result of feeling and understanding clearly what you are trying to do. Call a Coach today!
  7. A golf swing is a continuous and interconnected movement with 9 steps and two directions – take away and approach. It has beginning, acceleration and destiny. Powerful golf swing is an athletic movement that requires the player to have reasonable level of strength and flexibility. Call a Coach today!
  8. No matter how much you read about the swing or think it might help you to swing, your body still needs to learn to be able to respond. The body will not lie to the brain. Before you try to learn golf yourself or follow your friend’s advice which will only accelerate the defects, look for someone know´s to learn the basics for a great swing and avoid bad habits. Call a coach today!
  9. If you are already a player, you need to be treated as a player. Your game needs more knowledge and preparation and your lesson must be based on high quality issues with excellent answers and a demonstration of why, what, when, where and how. Call a Coach today!
  10. If you are a beginner, you need to be treated as a beginner. In your case, too much information will become an overload and delay your progress. If you do not understand what your learn program is saying, then you need to find someone who shows you only what you need to learn at this stage. Call a Coach today!
  11. If your progress is very slow, then you need to assess your instruction choices, because something happen in your learning process. Remeber, after 5 lessons you should be able to swing and hit good shots. Call a Coach today!
  12. Do not allow your body to be subjected to misleading information. Ultimately you will have to look for a real instruction to help you improve. Removing the defects you have crystalized can be much more difficult than learning the basics. Call a Coach today!
  13. Do not think that the problem is with the Coach just because your class is difficult and hard. Most of the time you need to gauge how much you are willing to learn. Persisting is something that only the strong of purpose practice. Among the great players there are no magicians or geniuses … There are those that practice their coaches’ teachings daily. Call a Coach today!
  14. Regret that you did, but never did not! If you dream and want your child to have a future in golf, start by agreeing to be only the parent and not the coach. Be consciously disciplined and admit that what you know about golf is not enough to make you a golfer, why do you think it will make your child a golfer? Call a Coach today!
  15. It is always important to know that books, articles, blogs, videos, magazines are part of the equation but may not fit you. Even new technologies have come to help many professionals to work in the industry but that does not mean it suits you or you may not have the level or be prepared to understand it all! Nothing better than the good coach to say and show you where you need to step up! Call a Coach today!