Golfers of the Future: Celebrating Our 2023 LM Golf School Annual Award Winners

Nov 1, 2023 | news

Golfers of the Future: Celebrating Our 2023 LM Golf School Annual Award Winners.
The LM Golf School has been following its history guided by the objective of acting in partnership with its students and their parents, joining efforts, in search of excellence in attractions and services to reward the best of each year. With this partnership, added to the knowledge and experience of Coach Luiz Master Professional, former player of the South American, Asian and European Tour, competed in 5 World Cups representing his country, in addition to having played alongside golf beasts such as Steve Cook, Joh Benda, Phil Mickelson, Bernard Langer, Fred Couples, Jack Nicklaus, Vijay Sing, Greg Norman, Severiano Ballesteros, Ernie Ells, Angel Cabrera, Carlos Franco, Acacio Jorge Pedro, Priscilo Diniz, Federico German, Eduardo Caballero, Erik Horvat, Roy Mackenzie, Antonio Nascimento, Luiz Carlos Pinto, Bruce Flescher, Davis Love III, Tommy Nakajima, Isao Aoki, Jumbo Ozaki, Jerry Pate, Gary Player, Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite and many others. All this experience of Coach Luiz contributed to the success in discovering new talents, transforming players and training competitors over more than 23 years working with young people. So, a message for the parents, don’t rush! Don’t rush in your judgements because your child’s future is in good hands. Amy Wang and her family are a clear example of this!

On this date, we confirm the consolidation of the event of awards and appreciation of our students in Canada in its 5th year. We started to live an important moment from the year 2018, the year of Coach Luiz’s arrival in the country. We are all, without a doubt, to be congratulated, simply because we are experiencing the most important event for the students and athletes of our School.
For the work of all of us, we would like to start the award work of the Annual Awards Dinner. Firstly, by thanking our sponsors – the winners of the annual events, – awarding the prizes to our best of the year (who has honored us a lot with dedication and effort) and finally, the athletes awarded in 2023.
Our thanks to the following sponsors and supporters of the “LM Golf School Annual Awards” who, without them, would not be able to hold it, as follows:

Today we are announcing the naming of the annual LM Golf School award in its 5th edition, also honouring our partners and sponsors. The LM Golf School, created by Coach Luiz PGA Master Professional since 2000, whose objective is to discover talents, prepare and make competitors in junior golf, started its work in Markham, Canada in November 2018. The story goes that the first event was held in 2019 with the participation of 5 students. We had a break due to the pandemic and, in 2022, we held the 3 years together (20/21/22) with 48 participants. This year, celebrating the 5th anniversary of the School in Canada (Markham Golf Dome), we had the participation of 96 people.

“We remember with affection and gratitude all the work done by Coach Luiz during these five years exuding wisdom, knowledge and an extreme talent and ability to deal with children and get the best out of them to develop in golf. Luiz excels with friendly manners and always a cordial smile, good humor, and a warm heart whenever he is with children and young people. He was the best of the best and we’re all the better to have known him.” Says Harry Feng, former student, the school’s first student and athlete of the year.

Amy, who participated in the junior world championship and finished in T6th position and participated in the Women’s PGA Championship of Canada by invitation and finished in T30th position, was also awarded 5 times with the awards for best student, Top 1st player and athlete of the year. She served as assistant coach for the past 12 months until he joined McGill University in Montreal, where she will be part of the golf team. We remember her and her daily workout activities, and we are confident that this year’s honorees embody many of the same qualities as Amy.

Also, with pleasure and satisfaction we announce, the Athlete of the Year! Aidan won the regional Long Drive with 321 yds, the State Long Drive with 340 yds, and was part of the Canadian team that went to participate in the world championship in North Carolina – USA, and for having finished the competition in 4th position hitting a 351-yard Drive.
On the occasion we took the opportunity to recognize the companies and parents who support us, as well as highlight some of them who contribute to our event in significant ways. The Best of the Year Awards celebrate a player or team that embodies integrity, demonstrates leadership in practice and among students, and models excellence on the golf course.

We also pay tribute to Harry and Frank for all the selflessness and logistical and administrative support they donate to the school throughout the year.
The “Best of the Year” awards, the awards for the season’s events and the honors to our partners were presented on the season-ending dinner at Rolling Hills Golf Club.

Keeping the golf flame of the future alive

LM Golf School was pleased to honor Jefferey Ma, Altaf Dhalla, Luigi Flores, Willy Wang; with the “Sponsor Partnership” Award at this year’s dinner. All extraordinary volunteers and supporters of LM Golf School, their mission and vision for all aspects of golf for developing young people. We were very excited to recognize them in this way.

“I’m sharing my heartfelt reasons for sponsoring LMGS Golf School for Juniors. It started when I enrolled my daughter in this program under the training and instruction from the Founder and Coach, Luiz Martins. From that moment, I was touched by an extraordinary force of dedication, passion, and patience. Coach Luiz’s energy and enthusiasm were infectious, creating an environment where young talents not only thrived but truly blossomed. His unwavering devotion to bringing up their skills and transforming these young talents into confident individuals, both on and off the course, fueled my commitment to support this remarkable initiative. I am immensely proud to see these young golfers flourish, not just as athletes but as well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world. Together, we can continue nurturing dreams and shaping futures.” Said Jefferey Ma, Steam Sauna Manufacturing and Isabella’s father.

“Hi Luiz, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful year end banquet which concludes our 2023 Golf Season. It was incredible to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown in only four years. My son Aidan started at your school three years ago when you had less than 10 students and our dinner was at a small cozy restaurant. Now you’ve amassed over 70 students from age 4 to 17 and it was amazing to see how happy and excited they were. The quick growth comes from your talent, enthusiasm, and love for the game, and it shows in your instruction and leadership at the range and on the golf course. Congratulations and we’re looking forward to many more years of success!” Said Altaf Dhalla, A Few Good Men and Aidan’s father.

Athlete of the year?
What makes a great athlete? Is his or her swing? Is it how he keeps his body? Or their equipment? Coming to the golf course, to the range and to the events I see the athletes putting into practice what they learn at LM Golf School, but what really caught my attention was their behavior! Not just their swing evolution, or how they look or what equipment they use. All I hear is “please” and “thank you”. I also see friendship, respect, and happiness. To me, that’s what makes a great athlete! In this way, I want here, in a few words, congratulate LM Golf School for providing quality instruction to these young people and to all the parents of the students for absorbing this in a friendly and respectful way. Congratulations to all parents on raising capable and educated children who eventually can become great athletes and champions of the future. Said Luigi Flores TSL Maintenance, Sarah and Liam’s father.

“About LMGS Ceremony:
It’s the ceremony for all kids and their family! It’s the time for the people who love golf and love the school! It’s the man named Luiz Martins glory moment! No matter hot summer or cold winter he stays there with the kids, share the happiness time, and afford the tough one. We are glad to see LMGS is getting better and better right now, and all the students get not only the golf skills but also the life attitude from school. Thank you, Coach Luiz! Said Willy Wang, Amy’s father.

In addition to the many awards handed out, the main one that brightened the ceremony was the award of the best students, players, Rookie of the year and highlight of all divisions U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17, Junior U19 boys and girls.
Spotlights for Isabella Ma, Cynthia Sun, Emily Zhang, Jessie Meng, Chloe Wang, Ariana and Sara Flores, best students, and players of the year in their divisions. Among the boys shone Aidan Dhalla, Alec Sayevich, Ethan Kong, Josian Orozco, Austin Liu, Haomiao Fu, Aidan Zhu and Liam Flores, as the most improved students and best players of the year.
In this year’s Girls vs Boys challenge, the winning team was the girls. Captained by Isabella Ma, the team was made up of 16 players who fought until the last hole to bring back the Cup. Special mention for the participation of Sophia Chen (former student) who was invited to reinforce the girls’ team. girls and did it with great praise.

We congratulate everyone for dedicating themselves to the continuous training that has resulted in the harvest of better results and let them know that they have been an inspiration to others during this season and the next as well.

Philanthropy at its best

Our events started with simple donations from the first meeting, the cost of which was all paid for by Willy Wang, Amy Wang’s father. Since then, contributions have started to come in many ways, including spreading the word about the school’s program to friends and family, helping to raise awareness of the important work we do with children, and young people discovering them and training them to be future golfers.
We also had a special presentation, the student and athlete Jessie Meng, who enchanted everyone with skill and dexterity by commanding the violin and playing three beautiful songs and receiving the applause of all present.

Our special guest Richard Sing did an excellent job not only as MC but as entertainer of the party. Thank you Rick!

Thanks again to STEAM SAUNA MANUFACTURING, A FEW GOOD MEN, TSL MAINTENENCE for their continued support. We can’t wait to see what await us next year!

Harry Feng
Press Coordinator