The girls win 4 and draw 1 of the 8 paired challenges in the Match Play and take the Cup back

Oct 4, 2023 | news

The girls win 4 and drew 1 of the 8 paired challenges in the Match Play and take back the Cup by 9 to 7.

Christina Wu during her tee shot on the first hole of the Girls Vs Boys Challenge, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, at Rolling Hills Golf Club – Bethesda Grange.

Rolling Hills Golf Club — The School’s most peculiar tournament took place this Sunday with a regular dose of Match Play curiosities, including the good performance of Rylan Chan.

The last of the 32 players to take their match was also the last to define their duel.

Rylan, who entered the event by invitation thanks to his performance and dedication in training at the Markham Golf Dome had to play his individual match when his partner Aidan Bates could not appear due to injury. After passing the first again one down, she won the last nine by 2 up, a great duel in the history of the tournament with Sophia Chen who had an exemplary performance the 18 holes of the tournament.

Our thanks to Sophia and her father for brightening the event with their presence. Sophia Chen who was a student at the LM Golf School has the potential to be a great player in the future. Dedicated to training, she always has the support of her dad John on the court. Parabens Sophia!

Highlight for Captains Isabella Ma and Aidan Bates who did not measure efforts to prepare their teams for combat. There were 4 victories of Victoria Flavius/Julia Liao, Christina Wu/Sylvia Liao, Cynthia Sun/Chloe Wang, Chloe Fong/Arianna Iannacito and one tie Isabella Ma/Sarah Flores that placed a 2-point advantage over the boys who added 3 victories with Lucas Miyazaki/Mauro Iannacito, Haomiao Fu/Rolang Ding, and Rylan Chan, a tie with Aidan Dhalla/Aidan Zhu.

Technically, it wasn’t the fastest meeting of the day. No one had it easier than Corey Conners, who played just two holes before Paul Casey spased his back and conceded defeat. Casey remained in the match play hoping to play his next two matches.

Six of the top eight seeds won their duel, while Patrick Cantlay tied Keith Mitchell after both missed putts for birdie on the final hole. The exception was Justin Thomas, who made just one birdie after the first flag and lost 3-and-2 to Luke List, who was 1-5 in this contest.

A beautiful party of fraternization between advanced players with the little beginners. Thanks to the popes for bringing their children and to Lincon, Pablo who showed up to help during the event. In space for Willy Wang the father of Amy (our best athlete) who went to the club to prestige the players and help the organization.

Our thanks to Rolling Hills Golf Club and its staff, for such a nice welcome to our athletes.

To our sponsors, Callaway Golf, Champion of Champions, Markham Golf Dome, Steam Sauna, A few Good Men, Caddy Time and LMPJ Tour.

 Harry Feng
Press Coordinator