Amy Wang resurfaces at the Ororo Canadian Womens PGA Championship

Jul 7, 2023 | news

At Kingsville Golf & Country Club

Little Amy has shone at the Ororo Canadian Womens Championship, where this Wednesday she finished in the top 30th with 75 shots (+3), staying in the best position in an event that brings together the best professionals players in the country.

Amy, who is participating in this Championship for the second time at the invitation of the PGA of Canada board, dedicated herself to training throughout the winter and the beginning of the summer looking to improve her position from the previous year.

“Amy received several compliments from the pros she played with on the first and second days of the competition, Diana McDonald, Robyn Doig, Sylvie Schetagne and Cristal Romero. A true talent that can rise to the highest place in the future, that she has lived an unparalleled experience with great professional golfers and is leaving LMGS on a good footing, despite the fact that she is going to university next year.

“The round started with contention in my putting which continued through the day. Although I couldn’t hit many fairways, the other parts of my game was stable enough to maintain that contention. It was the first time I played in any tournament feeling very confident and comfortable for the next shots. Reflecting afterwards, I feel as if I have never been as focused on my game as the last round and with the help of my caddie my full mind was concentrated on my swing. Most importantly, I am proud of myself for surviving the heat and not losing a ball as well as back-to-back birdies to finish the tournament in style (all thanks to the emergency putting practice the day prior). ” Says little Amy. 

The Canadian golfer is the daughter of Willy Wang and Linda Wang, and is coached by Luiz Martins who, after the competition, stated that “I am very happy, Amy was very excited to play in this tournament, to be able to learn from so many players of such a level that there are in Canada. That she can live with them is an extraordinary experience that she has had to live”. Coach Luiz expressed that he sees her student “calm, enjoying, learning”, noting that she had the dream of competing with the professionals with possibilities of success, “and today it came true.”

Likewise, he stated that the best athlete in the school has made a great effort to be where she is, in addition to maintaining that she has a great passion for golf, which she began to nurture since she had her residence, together with her parents , and play with them on the course. About Kingsville Golf & Country Club course, an excellent course with several strategically well-placed obstacles, it reinforces the beauty and natural landscaping to the responsiveness of the club’s staff. Comments aside, a simple demonstration of organizational example is necessary, congratulations to the PGA of Canada in the person of Kevin (CEO), Gordon (president) and Adam (tournament director). Without a doubt, the attention that was given to all the participants by the volunteer members of the club, demostrated an example to be followed by many other clubs, not only in Canada, but in the world, where golf is now practiced and played as a olympic sport. This is Coach Luiz who was Amy’s Caddy in the competition.

The Ororo Canadian Womens Championship kicked off on November 3 and culminated on the 5th at Kingsville Golf & Country Club. The event does not include a qualifying cut, it distributes a bag of 40 thousand dollars among the first 40 competitors.

Karina Akhkamova
Press Coordinaror