Short-Golf, a golf sports equipment company, will co-sponsor the development of youth golf through a reconfirmed agreement with Luiz Martins, former President of PGA do Brasil, Founder and Vice President of PGA Sudamericana and Owner of LM Golf School based in Brazil and Canada.

On Wednesday 6th, we received the email sent by Mollie Evans, Brand Manager of Short-Golf reconfirming the partnership that had already been signed last year and announced another important incentive for the development of children in golf in South America.

Short-Golf, one of the most renowned multinational companies in the supply of golf equipment for children, confirmed its partnership as co-sponsor with Luiz Martins which will benefit all the actions in favor of the growth and development of children’s golf developed and coordinated by LM Golf School in partnership with PGA’s Sudamericana and Brazil.

Luiz Martins has created and founded several projects to develop golf for all categories and, contemporary to the national context in relation to our children and the practice of golf says: I am convinced that if we want to train highly competent golfers who represent the golf of game with real possibilities of success abroad, we must take the stagnation out of our children’s lives, and in these, our children and young people, given this finding I also decided to create support and implementation programs of Junior Golf in the Schools of several Clubs, which seek to discover new talents among the children of members, stimulating and offering attractions for them to attend and remain in golf.

As a main objective, the project will implement a golf school that operates within the unified parameters and criteria regarding “Swing Mechanics, Mental Aspect of the Game, Physical Preparation and Feeding of a Formation Player”. As such, the clubs that wish to receive athletes already prepared and knowledgeable of all the basics and fundamentals of golf as a sport.

Additionally, we will be establishing a unified work methodology, implementing training systems, a follow-up of players’ activities to detect their progress or any other area of golf where they should intensify their training.

Children from public and private schools are the main targets of the “Discovering Talents” Golf Project. In these two categories of schools the largest number of children are concentrated who will be prepared not only to become athletic scouts but also good citizens. They will have the opportunity to compete between them, until progressing to the regular regional and national tournaments. For these children between 5 and 12 years of age to be entitled to this benefit (golfing), they must be enrolled in any of the schools in the country’s educational network. The children must register directly in the schools and wait for the visit of the professionals involved in the project. It is worth noting that those selected will go on to attend the club’s schools and receive full support in terms of materials, facilities and clothing to practice.

“Since the beginning of the season we are working hard to really bring incentives to the children who participate in the Discovering Talents Golf Project! We started with the registration of the young athletes at the “Associação Brasileira de Golf Júnior”, visits to schools and practical and oral presentations. Now, with the confirmation of the partnership with Short Golf, we find it a good way to encourage a greater amount to develop golf in the country and in the South American continent. We are still searching for talents and we hope to present even more attractive news soon”, explained Luiz Martins, PGA Master Professional.

The first action already happened at the Golf Club of Brasilia, the capital of the country, under the guidance of Professional Heleno Andrade and had a wider reach project involving the children with Down Syndrome.

Renilson Siqueira
Press Coordinator