Victoria Flavius shines in her second participation in another stage of the CJGA Junior circuit  

Jun 3, 2023

Last Sunday 5/21, Bushwood Golf Club hosted another leg of the CJGA Circuit with the participation of nine LM Golf School athletes, joining the total of 120 players from different parts of the Ontario region.  Highlights include Victoria Flavius 14yo, who won the U15 division, and Cynthia Sun and Chloe Wang, who finished second in the U13 and U9 division. Considering that the Bushwood course is not one of the easiest, with high roughs, heavy greens plus the large number of hazards and creeks scattered around the course, Victoria played 88 and won the tournament with a 10-stroke leadover the runner-up.  

An unparalleled exchange of experience and opportunity to test the skills of our athletes in one of the excellent tournaments that the Canadian Junior Golf Association organizes, considering that they are all beginners and for some, this was the first time they participated in a state tournament. 

A lot of expectations was created with the participation of the students, as our other great promises Ethan Kong, Haumiao Fu, Joey Hu, Sam Voguel and Jessie Meng have not yet shined.    

We hope to see everyone soon at LMPJ Tour tournaments.   


Press Coordinator