LMGS - Aidan


Aidan start the season with Hole-In-One at Ladies Golf Club!!!

Here is nothing more rewarding and eloquent than seeing your student make a perfect shot that results in a Hole In One. Aidan gave this joy to everyone at the School and to his parents.

A perfect shot at the 18th hole of the Ladies Golf Club gave him a unique moment that will remain in his memory for his entire life. A beautiful field that combines challenge, technique and landscaping with excellent maintenance.

The impeccable customer service that started with Loryn and then on the field accompanied us two great staff Aidan (perfect player) and Mike known to everyone at the club. Thank you Loryn

, Aidan and Mike for all your attention! "Ever since I started getting lessons from Luiz my score has improved. Every time I play I am getting better and breaking bad habits. Whenever I see Luiz at the range he tries to break all my bad habits. If it wasn’t for Luiz I would never have gotten that hole in one! Aidan Bates"

Renilson Ferreira
Press Coordinator

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