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Andy finishes the university graduates and already thinks about the professional future.

In life we ​​must be grateful for everything and constantly thank for everything that presents itself. Thank God Jehova for allowing us to success, our parents for sacrificing their lives to give us the best in attention, affection and appreciation.

Thank those who care for us and help us achieve our goals. People who come into our lives and without realizing it make a big difference.

Luiz Martins is known in the world of golf for helping many students, who through his efforts as coach, mentor and helper managed to become good golfers and university students and excellent professionals. Andres Arteaga is one of the many that Luiz marked presence in Andy's life that for almost 10 years showed and helped Andy to follow a healthy path free from bad things that undoubtedly made him the man and professional that he has become today.

Andy with his words recognizes and honors Luiz for giving him the opportunity to enter the University with Golf Scholarship. " I graduated from college a month ago and I have no other words than appreciation and gratefulness for Coach Luiz and his program.

Golf has helped me to pay for my education in the U.S the four years I played for my school and gave me the opportunity to not only play the sport I love at a higher level but also study in another country and visit new places. Luiz is definitely the best coach I ever had in all these years and if you are in his school trust me when I tell you that you are in very good hands.

Besides the quality of his teachings and the program he really wants you to succeed and achieve your maximal potential, something that pushes you to become a better golfer and most importantly a better person.

Right now I’m planning to work for a year and then start my masters degree in biomedical engineering. I can’t wait to see him again and play Match play and see if I can finally beat him for once. Meant every word ❤️." -Andres said-

Renilson Ferreira
Press Coordinator

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