Stefano Cambruzzi

Stefano Cambruzzi
Stefano Cambruzzi
Stefano Cambruzzi

Stefano Cambruzzi triumphs at the Las Palmas Country Club on his Pre Youth debut at the Vuelta Bolivia Circuit!

The Las Palmas course has the characteristic of being a monster to players of all categories, including young future champions of national golf.

The borders were strategically placed, deep roughs and as always a strong wind,

the Las Palmas field is always an opponent and a challenge during adults and youth competitions.

Stefano got his first victory with a score of
85-88-87 = 260
followed by David Choe 263, Jose Antonio Pinto 264 and Bruno Cadario 265.

As I said several times, Stefano is a talent and we all know that this gift is given to us. I am sure he will be very grateful for the opportunities that have arisen because that will develop his own concept as a sportsman and human being. He deserves it and it won't be long before his time comes and marks his place in the highest place of professional golf in South America.

Congratulations Stefano !!

LM Golf School - MGD Canada students congratulate you for this ACE!

Renilson Ferreira
Press Coordinator

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